Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ye Gads! J Street, Have You No Shame!?!

Even I am shocked when a J Street position is so far left that it makes the New York Times come across like Fox News.

At least the Times (in this case) takes a stab at balanced reporting, pointing out that the founder of the Free Gaza Movement, one of the Turkish organizations behind the attempted run through the Israeli blockade of Gaza, "does not accept Israel as a Jewish state."

(nyt.com article here)

And rather than mourning the loss of their supporters, a leader of the other organization involved exults "We become famous . . . . We are very thankful to the Israeli authorities."

And what does J Street do? Fall all over themselves via email, crassly turning this situation into yet another opportunity to urge supporters to "demand Presidential leadership now" -- code, it seems, for the legitimization and escalation of the current administration's pressure on Israel.

Wrong-headed. Unwarranted. Counterproductive.

Does J Street leadership truly believe at this point that, if the Obama administration forces a two-state solution down Israel's throat, organizations such as these will suddenly be placated?